Dai Mahou Touge


Большой магический перевал (OVA)


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Названия эпизодов

02. (03) Holy Crap! Decisive Battle of Breakfast?! If You Don`t Cry You`ll Be Killed, Cuckoo-san!! / (04) Awww, So Cute! Did You Know There`s a 1/120 Chance of Giving Birth to Twins?
03. (05) So Only Test Scores Measure the Worth of a Human Being? There`s No Way I`m Worth 0 Points. Really./You had swept your bangs back for the first time/when I saw you under the apple tree/The flower-comb in your hair/I thought your were a flower too...
04. (07) What Does my Involvement Mean if it be Only Tepid? / (08) It Can`t always be like it is now, becoming an adult is kinda scary

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